Friday, May 12, 2006

How much do we trust each other?

I was standing in line yesterday to buy movie tickets. The guy in front of me was confused as to which of the 3 movies he shud watch. So he asked the attendant which movie was good. And the attendant replied all 3 were good. This guy stood there wondering which movie to go to. And without being asked, I intervened and told that guy that the movie "pink panther" was really good. And without a 2nd thot he bought tkts for pink panther. We didn’t know each other, but my opinion mattered to him.....
Funny eh??
In this world, we don't trust strangers. Yet we believe the "experts" for stock investment since they seem to have more knowledge, we trust the pilot of an airplane, we trust the doctor when he tells us something is wrong with us, we trust scientists who tell us that there are 456900000876000 stars above us yet when someone tell us that the wall has just been painted, we don't trust him, we have to touch to believe it.
Humans are weirdly funny.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Here is a question

Here is a question:
What is more important,
What you do?
Who you are?
I guess for me it’s more important who you are
It’s not fair to yourself that you do something that you are not
Most people forget who they are and are more focused on what they do
Happiness comes from being what you really are
And not doing something just to pay your bills
It might be difficult; it might take time to really discover who you are
But that discovery will change your life
Make you a better, happier more satisfies human being
I hope more people have the courage to just get out and know themselves better
I hope I get the courage soon to break away from all the stereotypes,
I want to take a break and discover myself, the true me
I know that will calm down my tumultuous mind with a thousand churning thoughts
I hope my close ones support my decision
I hope they will help me to get in touch with me
I consider myself lucky that I have an opportunity to take a decision to be what I really am or just do what I should do to pay my bills
Most people don’t have that freedom

So be what you are, don’t get caught in a world of unhappy souls who have failed to discover themselves and discourage others from doing so.
Of course you also have to be practical when you take your decision
It has to be a decision approved by your mind as well as your heart

Mind vs Heart

Mind vs Heart

So many times there is a conflict
Mind says do this; while heart says do that
At times the mind is right;
While at other times the heart is right
But who decides whether the mind or heart is right.
The mind makes us do things that are practical but not necessarily things that we like
The heart makes us do things which we like but may not necessarily be practical
So whom do we listen to
The heart or the mind
Or maybe both
We should make decisions using our mind as well as our heart
But it may not be so easy so get a good mix of both
But keep trying
Let one not win over the other
Make it a win-win situation
And you will be happy.

U never know what u can become
Believe in yourself and you will become what you desire to.

mechanical life

7:45 wake up
8:30 off to work
9:00 start computer at work and check mails
12:30 lunch
5:40 leave work
6:15 go to gym
8:00 dinner
9:00- read newspaper, play with rohnit, chat with family
11:00- off to bed

This is the routine for 6 days of my week. Sunday is a good change where I do some different things.
It’s become a very mechanical life. It’s the same for most people I guess. It was similar in US also. I wanna change this mechanical boredom. Want everyday to be a unique day. A fresh day, where I am all charged up to do every small thing during the day. I am so not happy with mediocrity. But I am happy I am realizing all this and I am very much keen to change the way things work in my life coz I believe change is what keeps us going. Change is good, maybe not always, but most of the times. We always say I wanna do this, I wanna do that for a change. Humans are obsessed with change.

I wanna add a little more spice to life, wanna get a kick out of life each and every day so that every moment of the day I’m in high spirits. I wanna take life positively and wanna do so many things. Make ppl around me happy always, it’s difficult but not impossible. I have all this energy bubbling inside me and I feel I am not giving it enuff outlet. Most of my energy is going wasted, not being used to potential.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Threat to corporate America

Take a look at the list of the following companies: Toyota motors, nokia, canon, LG, Lenovo. And now take a look at the following list: Ford Motor Company, Motorola, Xerox, IBM.
Get the connection? Well let’s make things a little lucid.
Toyota motors displaces for motor company to become the second largest car maker in the world.
Nokia overtakes Motorola to become the world’s largest cell phone maker.
Canon becomes the market leader in copier machines ahead of Xerox.
LG dislodges carrier to become the world’s largest maker of air conditioners.
Lenovo acquires the computer division of IBM.

The above are just a few examples of the diminishing dominance of American companies in the world. These companies that have been pioneers in their fields are rapidly losing market share and leadership to other companies from the rest of the world. Is this a sign of things to come?
The emergence of these companies indicates the loss of charm for American products around the globe. The US is still the powerhouse of the world economy and still the biggest economy in the world. America can still boast about the Microsofts, GEs, Googles, Apples and , Boeings, and the Fortune 500 list is still ruled by American companies This is however being challenged by emerging markets like China and India, whose are experiencing rapid economic growth while the US economy continues to grow at a much lower pace each year.

Lenovo of China shocked the world when it announced that it would be taking over the personal computer division of IBM, Chinese television maker TCL acquired Thomson Electronics of France which gave it control of the RCA brand in the US, Chinese appliance maker Haier is bidding for US appliance maker Maytag while yet another Chinese company CNOOC made a surprise bid for Unocal Corp, outbidding another American oil company, Chevron. The bid - easily the largest foreign takeover attempt ever by a Chinese company - has sparked political concerns in the US about the implications of China's rise as an economic power. A lot of Indian companies also have started acquiring smaller American companies. Indian pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy and Dr. Reddy’s have already established their presence in the US markets. Most US companies have outsourced their IT departments to companies like Infosys, Satyam, Wipro and TCS.

Globalization has led to more and more competitive foreign companies to set up bases in the North American continent. These emerging companies are gradually gobbling up market share and proving to be serious competition to the local companies.

As more jobs continue to move to low cost countries, more US companies continue to declare bankruptcy and more foreign companies continue to capture the market share in the worlds biggest economy, US companies seem to be losing their shine with each passing day. Is this the precursor to worst economic slump in American history? Will the world see Microsoft being acquired by Infosys or Google being acquired by Will the Fortune 500 be overcrowded with foreign companies ten years down the lane? Is corporate America prepared to challenge foreign companies? Time will tell.

Ridiculous Judges of Indian Idol Season 2

I had watched a few episodes of American Idol during my stay in the US and had heard a lot about the last season of Indian Idol. However, yesterday I watched the first episode of the second season of Indian Idol. The elimination round for Mumbai was telecast yesterday. With a lot of hopes and aspirations, thousands of youngsters had come in to try their luck at becoming the next Indian Idol and lay their stake to money and fame. Some really good and some not so good. But what was surprising to watch was the rude behaviour of the three judges on the show: Anu Malik, Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam. These judges showed utter disrespect for some of the contestants and blatantly asked them to go home and not waste their time. As some of them started singing these judges wore some cheesy masks or held placards which said “you can go home” . Anu Malik in his absolutely disgusting voice told one of them “John you are gone”. Why such rudeness on a show being telecast on national television? Why such humiliation of aspiring singers on a reputed show? Are the producers of the show trying to imitate the stupid behaviour exhibited by Simon and the other judges on the American Idol show or do the copyright of the American Idol show come with a disclaimer that the judges must be rude to the contestants?

I once attended a seminar on Indian Media while in the US. Part of the panel of speakers was Kunal Dasgupta, CEO of Sony TV India. One of the members of the audience asked him why reality TV was not popular in India as in the US. His answer to this question was “Because Indians are not rude and most of the reality shows depict a lot of rudeness”. So why is he not backing up this statement by asking the judges on the Indian Idol show to behave themselves on the show and not ridicule the contestants. Does the celebrity status of the judges give them the right to utter nonsense to these hopeful contestants? Why can’t they be encouraging and polite to the singers who don’t have a good voice. I was a fan of Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam, but after seeing this behavior of theirs I really have lost all the respect for them. As for Anu Malik- the copy cat, he should listen to his hideous voice and plagiarized music before commenting on others. I believe viewers should take strong action against the insensitive behavior of these judges by not sending in SMSes which make the show crores of rupees. These contestants could be anyone of our friends or relatives. Would you like to watch them being humiliated by some callous celebrities?